For every dollar of public funding, Reach Out and Read raises $2 in private funds, through the generous support of individuals, corporations, and foundations. This public-private partnership was created by, and continues to be fueled by, the strong evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of Reach Out and Read. The partnership has enabled Reach Out and Read to expand from its original flagship program in Boston to more than 4,900 locations nationwide, serving more than one-third of American children living in poverty.

You can help us reach even more children with local fundraising. Here are some simple ideas:

Book Fair

Host a book fair at your office or a friend’s office building. Books Are Fun will set up, run the book fair, and give you 20% of the profits.


Put out a recycle bin and drop off at your local recycling center. Visit to receive a free recycling container and find your local recycling center. Use this flyer to display on your recycling containers.

Book Donation Drive

Contact your local bookstore to host a book drive to benefit your clinic’s Reach Out and Read program.

Holiday Appeal Letter – Send a holiday letter with a tax deductible donation request to benefit your clinic’s Reach Out and Read program

Contact Community Partners for Donations

Contact your local library to donate gently used books. Contact a local school/preschool to host a gently used book donation drive.

Fundraising Guidelines

  • Fundraising is a continuous effort that requires patience and persistence. Think of fundraising as “friend — raising.”
  • Know your audience and market the project from their perspective. Show them how the program fits their individual goals or their organization’s mission.
  • Foundations and corporations do not make quick decisions. Individuals are more flexible. Most foundations take an average of three to six months to review a proposal. Most corporations take an average of six weeks to five months. Be sure to apply for on-going funding before your current funding is close to exhausted.
  • Build on your fundraising successes, using each success as a stepping stone for the next effort. Don’t hesitate to ask your current donors to introduce you to other potential donors.

For more information, contact Cindy Little at