Reach Out and Give

Books are an important part of early learning and brain development, and Reach Out and Read San Diego ensures that children have the resources they need for healthy development by providing over one hundred thousand books every year.

Spread the word by posting to our social media accounts all year long in support of healthy children and healthy brains on our Reach Out and Read San Diego Facebook page and Instagram page @aapca3, using the hashtags #BooksBuildBrains #SupportHealthyChildren. 

Donate by Mail

Make check payable to AAP-CA3: RORSD

PO Box 22212
San Diego, CA 92192-2212

More Ways to Donate

  • Adopt a Reach Out and Read Office.  $2,500 will provide the Reach Out and Read program to one office for a year.  Sponsor will be honored with a plaque to be displayed in the office’s waiting room.
  • Sponsor a Day of Reach Out and Read. $1,000 will provide Reach Out and Read for one day to every child in San Diego.  Sponsors get to name one day as their Reach Out and Read day
  • Dedicate your birthday/wedding/other celebration to Reach Out and Read. Ask friends and family to make a donation in your honor to Reach Out and Read in lieu of gifts.
  • Turn your online shopping into donations with Go to to get started.

For more information, contact the Reach Out and Read Development Department at (858) 361-4644, or

Matching Gifts and Workplace Giving

Many companies double or triple their employees’ charitable contributions through matching gift programs and/or offer workplace giving campaigns. Inquire at your company about opportunities to multiply the impact of your gift to Reach Out and Read.